An eye-opening, empowering, life changing experience – Amber, Seattle, WA

Attention: Those Ready for
Happiness, Love, Freedom & Success!

Something MORE is waiting for you! You know it. We know it.
What if you had the faith, courage and support to finally go after it?

A drop of faith has the power to create miracles,
and we are offering up an ocean full!

Join us for the 40-day Fear Cleanse, and
make the choice to release fear and expect miracles!


Dear Ready for Miracles & More Happiness:

You know there is MORE to life than what you are experiencing today.
Yet something is holding you back.
It’s got you in a grip.
Caught up, busy and distracted.
Believing all the reasons it could never work.
Filled up with feelings of self-doubt and confusion (although you’d never admit it, even to yourself).

You’ve told yourself it’s just too risky to make that shift or change,
to go for that dream or desire, or to do life any other way than this.

It’s just not possible. It’s just not for you at this time.

Maybe next year. Like when the economy gets better.
When you finish this next big project. Or have a little more money socked away.
Or you lose a little weight. Get your life more in order.
Get another degree. Another year or two of experience. Learn another skill.

Maybe when you have more answers, and you have a better plan.
Or when you have fewer responsibilities.
Maybe when the stars align perfectly,
or a talent agent comes knocking at your door offering you a spot on a reality TV show…

Then you’ll make the change…
take the risk…
or voice your truth…

You’ve got yourself convinced that there is something outside of you that is stopping you…

When in reality, it’s what’s inside you that has you stuck, settling and playing it safe.

Friend to friend we are going to let you in on a little — well, actually, really big — secret…

The only thing standing between YOU
and what you REALLY WANT is F-E-A-R.

Fear is the…

#1 killer of dreams
#1 killer of miracles
#1 killer of freedom

…and fear is the #1 reason you don’t have the full happiness,
freedom, love and success you know you could have.

Maybe you know the fear is there. Maybe you don’t.
Most of us don’t like to admit we are afraid (even to ourselves!)
If you are anything like us, you were taught to never let people see you afraid — you were told to stuff the fear, keep your head up high, and power through.

Fear loves this! It loves for you to keep it in the dark — Because that is where fear gains all its power… and that’s how it wins over you, everytime.

Once you bring fear into the light and look at it for what it really is… fear loses all its power over you, and you know what you gain?


We know! Over the past six years, we Gabby & Christine both decided to


That’s right. We got naked with our fears, and stopped hiding them from ourselves, partners and friends, and the world.

And we transformed ourselves from stressed-out, strung-out, spiritually and emotionally bankrupt, unlucky-in-love girls, to two women who love their lives.

Today, we do what we love for a living, traveling the world writing, speaking and teaching inspiration, helping people change their lives. We are madly in love with the good man partners we’ve manifested. We live in two of the coolest cities, and we wake up feeling free every day. We’ve shined light on our darkness and embraced miracles! Today, we are two of the most happy & free people we know.

We know how to do this – we’ve helped thousands of people around the world do it to – and now…


You know that stuff that’s been keeping you stuck, playing it safe, or
settling for less than your fabulous, out-of-this-world self deserves!!

It’s time to release the fear and start expecting miracles!



The 40-Day Fear Cleanse

Kick Fear out of the Closet and Welcome Miracles into Your Life!

And, if you Join Us Now, receive these extra Bonus Gifts

Kick Fear Out of your Love Life

Choosing ME Before WE: Every Woman’s Guide to Life & Love by Christine Arylo & Christine’s 60-minute video on how to get the love life you want by loving yourself first.





Kick Fear Out of your Mind

Enjoy Gabrielle’s three guided meditations from her SPIRIT JUNKIE album. These meditations will help you bulldoze negative thought patterns and create positive change. Let Gabrielle’s meditations guide you to release your fears and reconnect to your inner guidance system.




We invite you to join us and some of our favorite spiritual running buddies – some of the most excellent and powerful Miracle Makers we know – for one big detox from Fear!

By the end of the 40 days, instead of saying things like

“I’d so rather be . . .”
“I wish I could . . .”
“I’d sure like to . . .”
“Someday, maybe . . .”

you’ll be STEPPING INTO what you REALLY want. Living it. Making it REAL.

We’ll help you

  • Break through the barriers that have been like shackles keeping you enslaved to these fears, rationalizations, and limiting beliefs . . . some you didn’t even know you had.
  • Clear your fear… identify it, love it, transform it, and know what to do next time it comes back (because it will.)
  • Access that place in you that KNOWS without a doubt that you have the power to create ANYTHING you want.
  • Start experiencing straight-up MIRACLES in your life every day.
  • Reconnect with and feel pure FREEDOM – and let it course through your cells, heart, and soul once again.
  • Move! Where you are currently standing, stopping or waiting isn’t working… we’ll get you stepping forward.

How? We know how to make it feel okay
to embrace the fear, love the fear & then let go of the fear.

We know how to find the road to FAITH. TRUST. & LOVE.
Where fear stands no chance.

And while faith doesn’t always make things easy,
it ALWAYS makes things possible.


The Fear Cleanse opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing my life.
Christine and Gabby showed me just how abundant my life is … and how to be grateful for that abundance. And once I realized that — and started practicing gratitude — the doors flung open. My whole perception of my life was transformed. Simply put, my life is better now. Personal growth takes work. Self-love takes work. Developing a spiritual practice of your own understanding takes work. But it’s the best and most fun work I’ve ever done. Gabby and Christine have a beautiful dynamic, and their support and guidance was invaluable. What more can I say? I choose to have faith in love.
- Katie K, New York


Listen to Katie Share Her Shift



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You want to let go of limiting beliefs.
Live with trust and believe in miracles.
You want to live the life you know you were
destined to have. And now you can.

The 40-Day Fear Cleanse
Build Your Faith, Courage & Trust Muscles
Whatever your “it” is…


How does the 40-Day Fear Cleanse work?


  • Step into a 40-day container—with a path, inspiration, knowledge—for you to detox from fear and clear the way for your happiness, love, freedom and success… and experience the shifts daily! We will teach you tools and share with you wisdom that will give you the insight, power, and support to face and move past the fears getting in your way right now – no waiting to try it out later. You will be supported to make shifts daily! You will experience shifts throughout the 40-days. And, just like any cleanse led by someone who knows the way, you’ll have guidance and love of two of the leading happiness and self-love teachers all along the way. The only difference with our cleanse is that we promise it will be powerful and fun.
  • Expose fear and find faith and trust in 4 big areas of your life. We start week one getting you cozy with your particular brand of fear, and then you’ll dive deep into the four places fears loves to hide most —in your relationship with yourself, with your love-dude or gal, with money, and with your body. We, and our super Miracle Makers – will give rockin’ tools. No fear stone will be left unturned. We kick off each week on Wednesday’s with a call you can download and listen to from your computer or ipod, diving into that week’s focus. Sunday, you’ll receive a enlightening, super fear cleansing call with one of our guest Miracle Makers (all posted online in case you can’t make it live.)
  • Receive daily doses of happiness, freedom and love. Every day, we’ll send you a short but powerful email, text, or video on that week’s focus. Friday “Love Dares” that challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. “Fear Busting Field Trips” you can take on the weekend to bust through fear and open to miracles. “Miracle Message Mondays” that send the good vibration of faith your way. “Freedom Flyers” – stories from other people just like you who have moved past fear into living their free and happy life…
  • Connect with others who are living free, facing fears & stepping forward. Hundreds of people just like you have taken this fear cleanse with fantastical results, and they are all still riding the freedom train to happiness. When you say YES! to this 40-day practice, you climb aboard a Freedom Train full of love-powered energy to super power your ability to kick fears you know what.
  • Access to everything online, whenever you want it. Everything—the calls, the daily doses, the notes—are posted online so you can download them anytime. You’ll also be able to repeat this fear cleanse whenever you want!


No matter how much life may try to keep you busy,
we’ve built this program so that you can stay committed to your promise to yourself.
That’s the power of the the 40-day container.

Why 40-days? Why this course?

Yogis, brain scientists and metaphysicists all agree that if you can do anything for 40 days you can change your life, transforming self-sabotaging patterns, behaviors and beliefs into new habits that are actually good for you—ones that create the happiness, peace, love and freedom you work so hard for. Your brain changes, your fears loosen their grips, and you can find new insights and trust new ways of being .

So over the course of this 40-days you will REWIRE PATTERNS… LET GO OF OLD HABITS… TRANSFORM FEAR-BASED BELIEFS… CLEANSE YOUR CELLS FROM FEAR… and you will emerge from this 40-day container more connected and more fully your truest, fullest, bodaciously awesome SELF!

We have led and experienced 40-day containers just like this one with people around the world (and used them to shift ourselves). Time and time again, using the power of 40-days, the power of a group of people with a common focus, inviting in new perspectives, SHIFT HAPPENS!

You can’t do it alone, None of us can. Which is exactly why we created this 40-day container for anyone ready to …

Set Down the Fear & Pick Up Your Freedom

for the cost of less than a latte a day…

DAY 1: Fear Exposed! Find Your Fear.

  • Learn how fear controls you in ways you don’t even know (extinguish its power over you for good.)
  • Learn why confident, high-achieving people are often the ones most driven by their fears, yet have no idea this is the reason why they work so hard and aren’t happier or more free.)
  • Identify your Brand of Fear — so you can identify when it’s fear holding you back. Move past denying your fear, and use honesty to bust through and get what really makes you happy.
  • Learn how to use fear to your advantage (and do what all truly happy, free and successful people know about working with fear.)
  • Learn how you can live from a Miracle Mindset and create Miracles in your life every day — no matter what’s going on in this crazy world.

DAY 8: Emotional Freedom — Free Your Mind From Fear.

  • Learn how to listen to what your emotions and body are trying to tell you, and build up the faith muscles to actually take action.
  • Get smart about your subconscious fears, the ones that are driving you to work too hard or not apply yourself at all to the things that you really want.
  • Learn how to change your mindset, habits and patterns at a cellular level.
  • Let go of “anchor points” — traumatic experiences, big or small — that keep you looping through self-sabotaging and limiting patterns.
  • Learn the powerful and proven techniques for dealing with difficult emotions that popular media isn’t talking about, but that you need to know if you want to stop fear from stopping you.

DAY 15: Relationship Freedom – Melt the Walls Around Your Heart.

  • Learn how you push love away in all kinds of unconscious ways, and how you could be the one sabotaging your ability to get the love you want (whether that’s romantic, friendship or even support in your business/career.)
  • Identify your Weapon of Choice for protecting your heart, and get clear on what your fear has been trying to protect you from (so that you can find it a different job!)
  • Increase your love quotient: your capacity to let love into your life from all your relationships. (Learn how to become a Rockefeller of Love! Wealthy in love — oh yeah!)
  • Shed pounds of protection off your heart so it can beat freely to attract and receive the love you deserve.

DAY 22:Financial Freedom – Become a Money Miracle Maker

  • Identify the money beliefs that keep you in slavery to outside systems that rob you of your freedom and happiness, and learn to put your safety and security into systems that serve you!
  • Unhook yourself from financial anchor points — financial traumas, big and small — that keep you unable to move into the career you really want, the $$ you want and the recognition you deserve.
  • Never again let money be the reason you decide not to pursue your dream.
  • Plug in the beliefs that successful people who know and believe in their worth carry around in their wallets, hearts and minds all the time.

DAY 29: Body Freedom — Make Your Body Your Best Friend.

  • Find the honest to goodness truth about the fear underlying all of your self destructive body choices
  • Get the skinny on all the garbage you’ve been fed to believe by outside fear-driven systems, and get the scoop on where to get the truth about taking care of your body
  • Shift your relationship with this bodacious vessel of yours from a slave, workhorse or punching bag, to a temple you adore.
  • Learn easy to practice, you’ll love to try them, daily love dares you can use to keep fear at bay and body love all over you.

DAY 36: Feeling Free. Locking in the LOVE!

  • Lock the shifts into your cells you’ve made so you can keep them that way
  • Receive the super powered tools you’ll need to keep on fear watch, and keep love winning in your life.
  • Get your FREEDOM MAP for love, happiness and success and get ready to walk in the world a whole new way.
  • Take an act of self-love and decide what promises are most important to keep giving to yourself.

DAY 40!! SPECIAL BONUS: FREEDOM PARTY – It’s time to celebrate!

      We don’t always take time to celebrate our accomplishments but on this day, we will! And we will celebrate BIG! Plus we’ll stop to answer some of the biggest questions people have around emotional, relationship, financial and body freedom, and get you set up for Success as you finish your 40-day practice and walk with faith and courage into what’s next for you!

It was amazing to realize and witness how fear was showing up in my life where I really thought I had my sh&% together.
This was a transformative 40 days for me. Taking the time to identify my main brand of fear has already had such an amazing impact on my perception – you absolutely have got to do this! It was by far the best $$ I have ever spent.
– Nicki Bullock, Canada

A powerful way to uncover and address your fears. Totally worth it!
The enthusiasm and empathy in Gabby and Christine’s voices, on the calls and videos, made me feel comfortable in formerly uncomfortable situations. The total honesty about their own fears was so inspiring. And the tools! The daily mantra kept me going when things got challenging. Keeping a freedom and fear inventory, complete with my thoughts, notes from the calls, and love dares helped cement all this powerful info into my mind. And being able to go back and access the info again and again is wonderful! – Christine C, Pittsburgh


What would be possible if you had just a drop of faith?

If you could have faith that it would all work out, no matter what?

MIRACLES would be possible.

That’s what..

All those dreams, talents, visions, and desires you’ve got locked away for safe keeping for tomorrow would start becoming realities today!


We’ve hand-picked these Miracle Makers—empowered, internationally-known superstars who will share their secrets with you. They’ve busted through fear and limitation in their own lives and they’re living freedom in each of these areas. They’ve literally transformed fear into love, happiness and success!


Marie Forleo

Financial Freedom

Creator of Rich, Happy & Hot
The first woman interviewed by the world-renowned Anthony Robbins — for his DVD training program, The New Money Masters!

Jess Ortner

Emotional Freedom

Producer of The Tapping Solution breakthrough documentary
Revolutionizing health & wellness with techniques that utilize the body’s energy meridian points.

Rhonda Britten

Facing Fear Head On

Founder of the Fearless Living Institute, Emmy winner, author of 4 bestselling books & one of Oprah’s favorite guests.

Kris Carr

Health Freedom

NY-Times best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Diet
Kris wrote, directed & starred in the doc Crazy Sexy Cancer after being diagnosed with Stage 4 incurable cancer — and has become an inspirational speaker, wellness coach, and bestselling author since then!

Four Sundays will be Miracle Making Sundays. You will dial into an intimate and truth-telling conversation with Gabby, Christine & a divinely powerful Miracle Maker. During each liberating call, you learn how they stood fear in the face and won, and now teach others how to do the same. You’ll get their secrets and tools for how they stay grounded and open to freedom. And if Sunday’s mornings don’t work for you, you can download recordings to listen to whenever you want, and you’ll have them as part of you Freedom Library forever.

PLUS these very special Freedom Flyers -
women who have faced fear and won -
will be sharing special gifts with you throughout the 40-day Fear Cleanse

* Amy Ahlers * Kate Northrup * Dr. Lissa Rankin * Dana B. Myers * Shakaya Breeze * Shanda Sumpter * Shiloh Sophia McCloud *

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Get your seat on the Love & Miracle Train Today!

Is The 40-Day Fear Cleanse for me?

This is a must-do for you if you…

  • Are ready to stop putting your happiness on hold. You’re ready to stop telling yourself you have “enough” when you know in your heart it’s not true.
  • Know that your relationship, job, or lifestyle isn’t working for you anymore — but don’t know how to do it any other way and haven’t learned how to step into the unknown.
  • Want to be happy and free, but don’t know how . . . or what it even means.
  • Believe there’s more out there for you: more happiness, more love, more success . . . but you can’t see the path to getting there.
  • Think of yourself as put-together — and in many aspects of your life, you are . . . but no matter how much success you attain, you feel less free and sure than before.
  • Want to transform your life, but fear it’s too hard or that you’re not capable of it.
  • Want to know how miracles can become an everyday occurrence in your life. You’re willing to consider that miracles could be a part of your daily life, even though it’s not the way you live today.


I love how you are both the Real Deal!!
Thank you so much for your deep and wise teachings. I must admit feeling like a “cynical New Yorker” when I signed up for the course (even though I trusted my Inner Guide to do it) … I have been humbled and grateful for the authenticity, depth and practicality of your teaching and process. It has also been inspiring to see examples of powerful HAPPY women (both of you and the Miracle Makers you’ve invited on the train). I appreciate how you really “walk your talk” rather than just have a lot of great ideas that sound nice.
- Marla, New York, NY

I have made so many amazing discoveries about myself and many miraculous shifts during this experience. I will never be the same.
I can’t believe I almost passed up this opportunity. Getting an email every morning with the love dare, video, etc. was the highlight of my day and the best way to start the morning. The Miracle Makers were fantastic – so great to get different perspectives on each week’s focuses. And the freedom map at the end, was fabulous to help me stay focused and on the freedom train!
- Natasha, Denver, CO

Hang With Us for 40 days on the Love & Miracle Train
and you’ll learn how to…

  • Face your fears no matter whatand transform them into freedom. Fear will simply STOP having power over you. (You won’t have to feel alone, unable to share or overcome the doubts, fears and anxieties going on inside you.)
  • Gain career and financial freedom. Stop letting fear keep you chained to old, false beliefs about money and success. (And become more authentically successful and financially free than you ever thought possible.)
  • Feel loved no matter your relationship status. Make the positive changes in your love life that you know you need to make. Learn to embrace intimacy, vulnerability, and self-love (and stop being scared of losing love, being loved, making a commitment, or standing up for yourself).
  • Choose to be happy, no matter the outside circumstances. Tune out external influences that feed your internal fear . . . and vibe on love and miracles instead. We’ll show you how to literally change your mind—and the world around you.
  • Turn “risky” options that scare you into fabulous actions that inspire you! Stop the mental loop that keeps you focused on all the “reasons” you can’t do something. Learn how to move forward even when you don’t have all the answers. Build a super-powered trust muscle.
  • Stock up your Miracle Toolbelt with practical ways to identify when fear is gripping you and how to release that fear. Get smart about your personal “Brand of Fear” and how to transform it whenever it rears its nasty head. Become a Fear-Busting, Freedom-Creating, Love-Generating Ninja!
  • Release the most limiting belief that’s holding you back right now. Identify it and face it with our support, then let it go so that you can fly free!
  • Have a wild affair with the most important partner in your life … YOU! Spend 40 days falling in love with YOU. When you clear out the fear, there will be tons of space for LOVE to flow in wherever you want.

Get your seat on the Love & Miracle Train Today!

A Note from Your 40-Day Fear Cleanse Leaders

We were called to offer this 40-day cleanse because we both believe that fear is behind so much of the unhappiness people experience in their lives. Whether it’s wanting more love, more money, more recognition, more time, more of anything, it’s fear that stops us from opening up to receive what would truly make us happy, and have us feeling free and successful

And let’s face it, without people like us offering you a friendly, loving and powerful experience like the Fear Cleanse to face what’s been holding you back, chances are you are not going to face those fears. Fear isn’t something you have been sitting down and talking to on a daily basis – and your probably not letting on to others, or even yourself that you have fear.

We get it – we have hidden our fear, lived totally oblivious to the fact our fear was driving us in the opposite direction from the happiness, freedom, love and success we wanted.

Despite our outward success, we played it safe, lived way smaller than we really were, and worst of all, we settled!

I—Gabby—was a strung-out NYC publicist and party girl. I was flying high and destined for a crash.
I—Christine—was a workaholic marketing executive chasing the wrong ideal of success. Trying to marry the wrong guy for the wrong reason, and in the process I almost created the wrong life.

We were both driven by fear, and we didn’t even know it!
Until the universe came by to smack us in the face with BIG TIME wake-up calls.

We both needed to change our lives, but we didn’t know how.
And even though we didn’t feel happy OR free, we were freaked out by the prospect of being wrong, of losing everything, of failing.
It took us both a long time to realize we had to stop putting our own freedom and happiness on hold.
We both knew we’d rather be doing something else with our lives.
We just had to be brave and adventurous enough to figure out what those things were.

So we identified and faced our fears.
And we changed our ways. We tapped into our inner power sources and learned how to transform those fears into love . . . which led us to a bigger, bolder freedom than we’d ever known. Freedom in love. In our careers and finances. In our health and well-being.

We’ll share our knowledge with you. And you’ll know that freedom, too.
The Freedom Portal is waiting for you. Find your Miracle Mind!

With love, peace & happiness,
Gabby & Christine

Register Now for the 40-Day Fear Cleanse!

Get on the Freedom and Love Train today, and you’ll Receive…

  • 6 Weekly Transformations Call with Christine and Gabby — Two women who have lived from fear and from spirit and love, who have been on a spiritual and self-love path for 10 years and who have REAL answers and processes that work. Weekly calls with two of the top spiritual achievers out there.
  • Weekly Daily Practice, Your Morning Miracle Moment — One of the simplest acts you can take (yet one that few people actually do) is a short morning practice. We call it a Miracle Moment: in 5 minutes you can shift your entire day by starting with Miracles and Self-Love. We’ll help you!
  • 6 Weekly Daring Act of Love that Builds Your Trust Muscle & Faith Muscle — Your biggest ally against fear is faith, and building faith requires a series of simple, small acts every day. Each week, you’ll receive a daring act of love that takes you out of your comfort zone and tests out your freedom zone!
  • 6 Fear Busting Field Trips — Get ready to blow out the old beliefs hanging out in your mind with a faith building field trips that will take you into the weekend FREE and HAPPY.
  • 4 Sunday’s with the Miracle Makers – Sunday morning you’ll be able to tune into a whole lot of inspiration with one of our Miracle Maker conversations. We call them “Spirit Rocks!” And if you can’t listen live, you’ll have full access to the recording.
  • 6 Monday Miracle Messages — Inspirational love from us delivered to you via phone so you can start your week from love.


  • An one-stop website that includes every audio, video and more that you’ll need broken down by week in an easy to use format. Participants have told us that our websites are some of the best they’ve ever used in this types of programs.
  • A full digital 40-Day Fear Cleanse package to keep forever! After the cleanse completes, you’ll get access to a digital version that you can start and take anytime you want!
  • And our Super Duper BONUSES: Choosing ME before WE 60-minute video of Christine Arylo sharing about love and relationships, as well as Gabby’s 3 powerful meditations.

Don’t wait any longer. Freedom, love, happiness and
success are right around the corner.
Fear Blocks. Freedom Rocks.





Yes! Sign me up now for $97
and deliver my e-Kit today

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OR, for an additional $50 plus shipping,
have the Fear Cleanse Kit mailed to your home.



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deliver my e-Kit today

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You can register easily using your MasterCard or Visa on our secure site by clicking “Add to Cart.”

Revealing, Adventurous, Joyous
I loved the dares and the fear busting field trips!!

- Stella, Greece

You’ll love it too, we guarantee it, or your money back.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, we don’t expect, or even desire, to keep your money. Do the cleanse, and if it doesn’t create results for you, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. You just email us within 30 days of your initial purchase date.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do I have to start the Fear Cleanse?
    You decide. After you register you choose the date you begin using a special link we’ll provide you with. The only requirement is that you begin the cleanse on a Wednesday.
  2. Can I participate even if I can’t schedule all the calls on Wednesday evenings?
    YES. All the calls will be available online, so you can download and listen to them whenever you have time.
  3. What if I start and can’t finish the 40 days?
    As a paid registrant of the 40-Day Fear Cleanse, you’ll have 24/7 lifetime access to all the materials. You can repeat the 40 days as many times as you want on your own.
  4. What if I go on vacation or have to travel during this time?
    This 40-Day Fear Cleanse goes wherever you go! You can participate from anywhere in the world, as long as you can access your email. And even if you can’t, you can tap in when you plug back into the grid. Or you can download the live calls and listen to them on the plane (or the beach!).
  5. What if I have a busy schedule?
    Then you definitely want to sign up! The 40-Day Fear Cleanse will show you how to put wisdom and tools into action and transform your life right now—you can have freedom and happiness even with a busy schedule. The 40 days have been built to fit into your life, not to become another to-do. If you’re too busy to invest in your own Freedom, well then you probably need a vacation and the Fear Cleanse :)

You’re ready for MORE, as in different.
You’re ready to BELIEVE that you CAN have it all
(even if your mind can’t see how).

You’re ready to BE FREE of the fear that has been holding you back from having the life — career, relationship, health, wealth — that you know you deserve.

We’ve got an ocean full of faith
just waiting for you!

P.S. Whatever it is that your heart and soul would really LOVE to receive, you do deserve it. Happiness and love are your natural states of being when fear is around mucking it all up. We’ve created a 40-day container that has the power ot take fear out of the dark and bring LOVE and MIRACLES in … and you are invited. You don’t have to do it alone. You can’t do it alone. And if this 40-day fantastical adventure into freedom feels good to you, we’d love to make miracles and create freedom with you!

Christine Arylo: Queen of Self-Love

Christine Arylo is the Inspirational Catalyst – writer, coach, speaker and m.b.a. – for the 21st century woman. A self-admitted, but recovering achievement junkie, and a former marketing executive for companies like Gap and Frito-Lay, Christine traded in her corporate briefcase to teach women how to stop trying to be super woman and start tapping into the energy of their Feminine Super Powers.

She’s been called the ‘queen of self-love’ and is the published author of Choosing ME before WE, Every Woman’s Guide to Life and Love. Her opinions have aired on E! Entertainment, CBS, FOX and ABC and over 100 radio shows across the country. She is the founder of Madly in Love with ME™, a movement dedicated to making self-love a tangible reality for women and girls around the world and the co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School, an online school dedicated to transforming women’s inner critics into their inner superheroines.

About Gabrielle Bernstein

Featured in the New York Times Sunday Styles section as the next generation guru, motivational speaker, life coach and author Gabrielle Bernstein is a #1 bestselling author of the book Add More ~ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness. In September 2011 Gabrielle launches her second book, Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles.

Gabrielle has been featured in media outlets such as The New York Times Sunday Styles, Oprah Radio, Marie Claire, Health, SELF, Women’s Health, Forbes List: 20 Best Branded Women, the cover of Self-Made Magazine (“Top 50 Women in Business”), CNN, NBC, WPIX11, CBS, Fox & Friends, PBS’s “To The Contrary,” Fox Strategy Room, Wall Street Journal, AdWeek, Sirius Satellite Radio, AM-NY and New York Moves magazine. Gabrielle is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post, Beliefnet, and She can also be seen riding around the East Village on a unicycle, and you can visit her at