If you’d love for all of the relationships in your life to be full of Love and respect, then

you’ll LOVE this transformational session with Christine Arylo!!

Taped LIVE! from “Palace of the Soul”
Take a stand for only having loving, respectful relationships… and lots of them!

We all want love.
We all want great relationships.
Yet sometimes it can be really confusing, frustrating,
even hard to create the soul connections we crave

Whether that’s Romantic, Friendships, Relatives, Colleagues, even Ourselves.

I invite you to dive deep into love and the truth about what it takes to
find it, keep it and grow intimacy, love and connection in all of your relationships


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includes a 90-minute video with meditations + worksheets + audio recording for only $10

A soul-filled experience and journey to reflect on the truth about your deepest relationships and how to transform them into loving, fulfilling partnerships — all for you!



The love rings have completely changed my life.  
My life was filled with drama as far as relationships were concerned.  I tend to be very open and trusting with people, and have high expectations of them, somewhat unrealistic.  Trusting that they will handle me with care, be sensitive and loving towards me, in the same way as i am to them.  I didn’t have strong boundaries and everyone seemed to be playing with my emotions.  Love rings have literally saved my life!  I have been able to evaluate every relationship in my life and have put everyone in their appropriate place.  This has freed up soooo much energy, i didn’t realize how burdened i was.

Also realizing that family doesn’t have to be in the inner circle was so liberating. My family relationships are so much better and more authentic.  Greatest learning – Establishing love rings is an act of Self Love.  I deserve to have loving respectful, relationships.
– Carol, South Africa

Christine will lead you through an inspiring talk and transformational process along with her guest host Elizabeth Gibbons, along with a hand-illustrated worksheet Created by Christine titled “Fill Up Your Love Rings” to guide you in…

RECONNECTING WITH WHAT YOU REALLY WANT IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS… We’ll take a “Relationship Inventory”of all of your current relationships to give you a pulse on which ones you want to open up for more love and which ones you want to call in some transformation!

RECALIBRATING YOUR LOVE WEALTH… We’ll take a look at your “Love Rings” and you’ll gain clarity on where you need more love. Chances are there are places in your life that are full of great relationship and others where you’re starving or at least going hungry. We’ll zero in on those and help you re-calibrate you to be wealthy in love!

RELEASING YOUR BLOCKS TO LOVE… Let go of the ‘misunderstandings’ about Love that keep you from creating the deeper soul partnerships you crave – be that romantic, friendships, colleagues, or relatives. While we never like to admit it, the thing between us and receiving the love we want is fear. Let’s kick fear out of your love life, shall we?

RE-MEMBERING THAT LOVE DOES MATTER TO YOU… Often we get so busy pursuing our dreams, money, a career, a body weight, that we forget to make sure we are getting the love and support we need… Check in with yourself this evening to see what variety of love you are really in need of right now – support, acknoweldgement, care, pleasure, affection, etc. And make a promise to give it to yourself!

Taped from “Palace of the Soul”, in the heart of San Francisco

For a $10 investment you’ll receive…

  • The Wine and the Divine 90 minute video with an inspiring talk and transformational process led by Christine Arylo with special guest, visionary artist, Elizabeth Gibbons.
  • Includes a powerful meditation to honestly look at where you have lots of love in your life, and where you want to cultivate more.
  • Plus! one of Christine’s most powerful teachings – The Love Rings – understanding where relationships belong in your life so you can get the intimacy and connection you need.
  • Plus! an audio recording of the session to download and take with you wherever you’d like.
  • And also… Hand-Illustrated loveplate — A template created by Christine Arylo that you can use to assess your Love Wealth by taking an honest look at your Love Rings

Count Me In! I am so in for creating soulful relationships!

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Christine Arylo, Inspirational Catalyst & Author of Choosing ME Before WE

Christine Arylo, m.b.a, writer, coach and speaker, is an inspirational catalyst who teaches peole how to stop chasing the super hero ideal of having to be, do and have it all … and start feeling the happiness, freedom and love they often work way too hard for.

A self-admitted, recovering achievement junkie and doing addict, Arylo arms other over-achievers and stressed out super women and super girls with super power tools based in self-love, spiritual connection and sisterhood.

She is a sought out media expert on the challenges women and girls face, having appeared on E!, CBS, ABC, and FOX as well as radio shows, spas, conferences and stages around the world.

The author of the go-to book on love & relationships, Choosing ME before WE, Every Woman’s Guide to Life and Love and the handbook of self-love, Madly in Love with ME, The Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend , Arylo is affectionately known by her fans, followers and peers as the “Queen of Self-Love.”

She is the co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School™, a virtual school that teachers women and girls how to transform negative self-talk into empowering self-love talk. And Arylo is also the founder of the Madly in Love with ME™ Foundation, which sponsors an international movement dedicated to raising awareness of self-love and making it a tangible reality for women and girls around the world, including the official Day of Self-Love on February 13th – put it on your calendar. To receive the free Self-Love Kit, go to

Elizabeth Gibbons, visionary artist & creator of The Palace of the Soul

Elizabeth Gibbons is a visionary artist, teacher, energy healer and intuitive life coach. As a teacher, she encourages us to explore materials that awaken our sense of wonder, joy and playfulness. By playing with the sparkle of glitter, beads and jewels, we reconnect with the language of our soul and ignite the divine spark that Elizabeth calls our SOUL-SHINE. As we raise our vibrations, the alchemy of healing that is part of our natural capacity, is activated.

Elizabeth’s art depicts a spiritual journey that contacts us at the level of the soul. Through the layers and layers of symbols, prayer, hope, paradox and spirit woven between particles of paint, bead, glitter, rhinestone, bone and shell, we are inspired to enter a realm of enchantment and embark upon our own journey of transformation. Two of her greatest passions include creating healing art that celebrates the shimmering beauty of the Divine Feminine and championing women artists who do the same. She interviews and honors women artists in her monthly column, “What’s the Buzz from Glitter W.A.S.P.?” in the Cosmic Cowgirls e-zine,

Elizabeth, a.k.a. the Bejewelled Baroness, a.k.a. Glitter W.A.S.P. resides in San Francisco at the Palace of the Soul with her fabulously talented children and her revolving “extended family”. Here she runs “The Divine School of Glitteracy” where she guides women and girls on magical adventures and ceremonies that allow them to reinvent their lives to align with more creativity, joy, enchantment, expansion, beauty and love. Her web-sites and are currently undergoing an “alchemical transformation” and they will soon all be housed under a new site, Don’t be surprised if after visiting them you find a mysterious piece of glitter somewhere on your person!.


About Wine and The Divine

Wine & The Divine is a monthly offering Christine Arylo makes to people ready to come and get filled up with spirit… “a super charged evening for the soul.”

Hosted at different beautiful homes and spaces around the world as well as broadcast around the world, Wine and the Divine offers an evening to replenish and recharge your emotional and spiritual bank accounts … to connect with other fabulous people who also choose to live great lives and make a great impact but not at the cost of their own health or happiness.

A few times each year, Christine leads us in a spirited conversation and exploration … complete with good wine (or bubbly water if you prefer), great spirits and a connection to the divine inside of you.

This session you are about to experience was taped at a LIVE! event, which means we were thinking of YOU when we held the session. By watching the video or listening to the audio you are invited into a group of people saying YES! to more love and more soulful relationships in their lives. ENJOY! and get ready for more connection and love!



The boundaries in my relationships were blurred for a long time. The Love Rings helped me have healthier relationships and a strong sense of self. I felt like the people in my immediate family had to be close to me because we were related. I have friends who I’ve known for 20 years so I kept them close, even though they didn’t treat me with loving respect. I would share personal information with these friends and family members because I’ve known them for a long time, but I often ended up feeling bad about myself and getting my feelings hurt.

The love rings helped me realize that just because they were my family or people that I’ve known for a while, doesn’t mean they know me really well or know what’s best for me. They helped me have healthier relationships by giving me a new perspective and a better understanding of the types of relationships I should have with the people in my life. They also helped me develop a stronger sense of self because now I’m better able to discern who I can divulge certain information to and who I need to keep at an arm’s length.

- Michelle, Philadelphia